Tertiary Sector

csp group for the tertiary

Energy solutions for the tertiary

The energy budget of a company in the tertiary sector can become a means of making the company more competitive in relation to its competitors. To achieve this, the company must choose intelligent energy solutions that make its buildings energy efficient. CSP Group offers forward-looking solutions for air-conditioning, ventilation, electricity, BMS CTM, and domestic hot water distribution.

CSP Group: energy solutions adapted to the tertiary sector

Energy management has many advantages for tertiary companies:

  • lower energy-related expenses.
  • smaller environmental footprint.
  • improved control of operations and maintenance.
  • increased real estate value.

CSP Group offers personalized solutions, based on our analysis of consumption patterns on your business premises. Our expertise enables us to develop the best possible BMS CTM energy management plan and optimize your electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

The ISO 50001 standard is based on companies taking a proactive approach. Its purpose is to certify measures taken as part of the development of long-term energy solutions.

CSP Group can help you comply with this standard by:

  • developing a more efficient energy strategy.
  • measuring results and monitoring the effectiveness of the measures taken.
  • implementing continuous improvement in energy management.

Intelligent energy solutions for the tertiary sector

Would you like to experience an air conditioning system specially designed for commercial and office buildings, or the heating and cooling efficiency of a new domestic hot water tank? CSP Group offers the best proposals for your projects.

Our BMS CTM systems give you complete control over all your building equipment, reduce breakdowns and finally help you get costs under control.

The French charter for energy efficiency in public and private tertiary buildings, known as the “Plan Bâtiment Durable” or Sustainable Building Plan (2013), advocates improving the sector's energy and ecological impact.

By using our energy solutions, companies in the tertiary sector can now meet the specifications of this interministerial charter.