Industry Sector

csp group for the industrial sector

Energy solutions for industry

The optimization of energy consumption is gaining popularity as a means of reducing operating costs while protecting the environment. It's vital to study the lighting in an industrial building carefully, as well as its other technical systems such as domestic hot water, heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

CSP Group: energy solutions adapted to the industrial sector

Intelligent industrial lighting can dramatically reduce the impact your lighting has on the energy bill. Lighting management can either be fully automated or computer assisted via configuration of the light intensity and on/off settings. This example is also applicable to the other technical systems in industrial buildings.

Thanks to BMS CTM (Building Management Systems / Centralized Technical Management), industrial premises can be managed remotely or automatically:

  • to adapt consumption to the building's current mode of utilization.
  • to adjust lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation to improve user comfort.

Mastering HVAC electricity requires specific expertise, including an understanding of hydraulics and air flow. In the industrial sector, any risk of error must be eliminated: it is crucial to call upon specialized professionals who can answer your needs precisely.

The expertise of CSP Group at your service

CSP Group's services can identify and implement a variety of energy-efficient solutions in your industrial buildings.

Our engineering and design department is staffed by experienced specialists. Our expertise in providing energy-efficient industrial solutions has been forged over many years of practice in a variety of industrial sectors. From studying your specific requirements and designing the right equipment for your buildings to installing and monitoring that equipment, CSP France is there to support your project from start to finish.

We guide you in selecting your domestic hot water, electricity, heating, air conditioning/ventilation, BMS and CTM, to provide your buildings with the best configuration and the most flexible and efficient technical management possible.

Besides cost control, energy optimization in an industrial building has several other advantages, such as:

  • adding value to the building.
  • improving employee safety.
  • increasing productivity.