BMS – CTM Service

Building Management System & Centralized Technical Management

BMS and CTM Solutions

Our skill with high and low voltage systems and our expertise in Centralized Technical Management make CSP Group the right partner to monitor your infrastructure.

CSP Group comes back to the terms BMS and CTM. We want to help you understand these two concepts related to Centralized Technical Management and, especially, what they can bring to your company.

The goal of technical management is to automate the management of building equipment such as heating, air conditioning and lighting.

Technical management includes:

  • BMS (Building Management System): a computer system that allows remote monitoring of all systems at a site, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.
  • CTM (Centralized Technical Management): a control system for managing technical installations remotely.

Centralized technical management is used in all types of professional buildings to facilitate management of their systems and equipment.

This remote management system allows an off-site user to interact with a building's various technical hubs, providing comfort and security.

CTM and BMS increase comfort, performance and savings.

Technical management ensures the security of your infrastructure and the monitoring of consumption points. Proper management of all electrical applications can guarantee a reduction of up to 30% in your energy consumption.

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